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Jp was captured by a rebel force of hard line Funk Extremist saxophones called the Golden Dawn while hitchhiking in Uganda in 1999.  What started out as a brutal captivity by brass, ivory and bamboo noisemakers eventually led to a deep mutual understanding, respect and friendship.  He is now fluent in all forms of saxophone from Soprano to Baritone, as each tribe speaks a subtly different dialect.  He eventually served as a translator between the tribes before finally being released from captivity in 2004.


He then took a job as a sushi chef on the International Space Station.  Since making sushi rice in zero gravity absolutely sucks, he moved to Lake Tahoe to pursue a career in Sasquach capture and release methodology, a job at which he excelled.  It wasn't long after that he encountered the members of what would become Drop Theory at a local Jazz club while ordering a
pineapple Mojito.


  His experience with the Ugandan saxophone tribes has left an indelible mark upon his character.  Average days now always include listening to funky jams, ripping horn solos, or searching for kicking back beats.   He still enjoys hitchhiking in dangerous and exotic places and sleeping under the stars.  But above all, Funk music arranged around horns, funky bass lines and crunchy tempura drum beats makes him very happy

With 5 strings, 10 fingers, and 11 toes Isaac lives and breaths the kinda grooves only seen on the mothership. He starts each day with a healthy dose of fat-bottomed bass and sticks to a strict diet consisting of Bootsy, Jamerson, and Graham. No strager to the heavy low end, Funky Freed has been slappin' and poppin' his way through the cosmos at the speed of funk since dinosaurs danced on the Sierra crests. 


"I'm here to bring hip hop hysterics, some sultry soulful syncopations, and funk yo ear drum till the sun comes home"


When he's not holdin' it down for his people, Freed DJs area weddings, bars, parties and festivals under the alias 'Funksalot'. You can also catch him every Friday at 11am when he's co-hosts 101.5FM Truckee Tahoe Radio's 'Local Lowdown' alongside The Kool Aid Kid.



Peter discovered a dusty guitar deep in the forest as a young man and fell captive to its spell.  He subsisted on pine nuts, fiddleheads, and the weaker grizzlies of the local pack for many moons while learning to wield the instrument's power.  After becoming proficient enough to break the spell, he returned with the instrument to civilization, where children shrieked and ran at the sight of his bearskin clothes and waist-length beard.


After a shower and a shave, he went out on the town and heard soul, jazz, and funk music, whereupon his ass started moving involuntarily, and he immediately knew what to do with his newfound skill.


Meeting Drop Theory in Truckee in 2012, he knew he had found home - a place were the funky people gather to dance in the sunshine and snow alike, and where his bearskin wardrobe would be admired instead of shunned.